Monday, November 29, 2004

NYYRC NEWS and EVENTS and other GOP notices


1. NYYRC General Meeting - December 9, 2004

Our guest speaker will be political guru Dick Morris. Mr. Morris will use his extraordinary experience in the world of politics to analyze the 2004 elections and offer his insights on where we go from here.

Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Place: Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmens Club
283 Lexington Ave (bet 36th & 37th St), 2nd Floor
Admission: Members - FREE, Non Members - $5, F/T Students - $2.

This will be a crowded event, so to speed the check-in process please rsvp in advance to with "RSVP DICK MORRIS" in the subject. Please include your FULL name and contact info.

Please join us for drinks after every meeting in the backroom at Saga, on Lex and 39th.

Schedule of Upcoming Speakers:
January 13, 2005 - Bret Schundler
February 10, 2005 - TBA

2. Run for City Council in 2005!!

Have you ever thought about running for office? Well, now might be the time for you to make your big move!!

Do you get frustrated when you see local republicans run for office but they don't talk about any of the issues that make us republicans in the first place? This is exactly the reason why a group of YR's, along with some other local activists, got together two years ago to found the Urban Republican Coalition ( ). The mission of the Urban Republican Coalition is to find and encourage passionate republicans to run for these very important local offices.

The New York City Council presides over a city budget that will spend $48 billion next year. That is more than any STATE government spends in the union except for New York or California. In fact, our city government spends more than the state governments of Texas and Florida combined! Yet the problems each year seem only to get worse, rather than show the improvement you'd expect $48 billion to bring. Of course, the gang in power never seems to think about how the money is being spent or if we get our money's worth.

There are 51 seats in the City Council, and only 3 members are republicans. We desperately need more republicans to have a say over how that $48 billion is spent every year. Not nearly as dysfunctional at the state government in Albany, the city council works in a somewhat more open system giving a group of 10 or so members a good deal of power. You may be able to become one of those people!

But the time to start is now. Please email our club Chairman, Robert Hornak, at if you have any interest in running or want to find out more info about what it takes to be a candidate. Robert is a founder of the Urban Republican Coalition and is a professional political consultant. You should include your home address and brief biography.

Don't think you have the experience to run for local office? Well, first of all, local office is supposed to be where you get experience (citizen legislatures and all that, but we won't get into that now). Second, just take a look at who is currently in office. Local party loyalists (sometimes known as hacks), union activists (sometimes known as thugs), community activists (sometimes known as college dropouts), law school dropouts, former Black Panthers, and a myriad of other people we would consider unqualified to manage $48 billion a year.

Also, our Party needs to be rejuvenated as well. We need strong, youthful candidates that are not afraid to run on the principles that makes us republicans - cutting taxes, reducing inefficient government spending, improving education with school choice and competition, making sure we stay vigilant in the fight against crime and terrorism. If you just read that and said "of course that's what a republican should be running on" then we really need you! Believe it or not many republicans are too afraid or too insecure to run on these issues. And if you have a busy career and are not sure if you have the time, then we really need you. We need credible professionals to deliver our message of reform and good government to the voters and to the press.

Republicans just had a great year across the country. But we have fallen further behind in NY. Poor leadership from the State Republican party and the unwillingness of local activists to step up and take control are the reasons we are failing as a party. The last 10 years we have seen steady losses at all levels throughout the state. It can change, but only if all you passionate activists step up and help us make it happen.

Again, please email our club Chairman, Robert Hornak, at if you have any interest in running or want to find out more info about what it takes to be a candidate. It is time for you to step up become a real Republican leader!!


1. 2005 Schundler for Governor Kickoff Event

Steve Forbes
cordially invites you
to join special guest
Peggy Noonan

to Kickoff Bret Schundler's
2005 Campaign for Governor of New Jersey

Monday, November 29, 2004

Harborside Club Atrium
Exchange Place
Jersey City, NJ

Ticket Price: $500.00
Maximum Contribution $2,600.00

(We have a limited number of YR tickets available for $100. Please email Schundler Host Committee member Robert Hornak at ASAP for more information).

2. Robert George Comedy Improv

Hey, folks, the insane holiday season is upon us!! You deserve a break from the enforced materialistic pursuits and being forced to be nice to family members!!!


Set aside Friday, December 10th and Saturday December 11th, 8p.m.

The location is Stonestreet Studios, 48 w. 21st Street, 8th Floor.

A moderate $15 cover will expose you to one of the finest improvisation troupes in the city -- AND free beer (it's true -- we have no shame)!!!

A fan of "Who's Line Is It Anyway?" Then you especially should like it!

Never seen the program? Trust me, you'll love "The Yes Show"!! (Have I ever lied to you? Um, recently, I mean!)

And did I mention the free beer?



1. The Official Handbook of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

We have a NY Times best-selling author in our midst. Mark Smith's new book, The Official Handbook of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, is officially a Times best seller as well as a best seller on Amazon. I know that all the erudite, pompous, pseudo-intellectual, Times-touting lefties are biting hard into their bagels as they read this in their beloved paper on Sunday.

According to Ann Coulter, "Mark Smith is one of the fastest rising legal stars in the country." You can purchase your copy now from Amazon at:

2. Buy your IHeartGWB T-Shirt

You've seen it in all the newspapers. Now get the T-Shirt from a NY Young Republican who loves George W. Bush. This is a very hip way to express your support for our commander-in-chief. Who says you can't irritate liberals and look good at the same time!!


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