Sunday, July 27, 2003

Welcome to the weblog of the New York Young Republican Club, Inc. This blog will be a place where members and friends of the NYYRC can publish pieces that they have written or direct people to interesting articles and editorials on the web. If you are new to blogging you can check out some of the bigger blogs to get an idea of what we hope this site will be like. Here are some suggestions:

Spot On- Shameless plug as this link will take you to the blog of the humble founder of this site.

Instapundit-The granddaddy of blogging.

Lileks-The best writer I've discovered via the blogosphere.

LGF-Little Green Football's Charles Johnson popularized the term 'idiotarian' which quickly became part of the blogging vernacular. A directory of commonly used blog terms can be found here.

Andrew Sullivan-Politically undefinable (he's pro-life and for gay marriage, he was for the war in Iraq but doesn't like the tax cuts) but a great writer.

Best of the Web-Not sure if it can really be characterized as a blog but it is a summation of interesting news stories with James Taranto's clever quips on such.

The Corner-National Review's blog.